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Caution With Electric Scooters

We have noticed an increase in calls regarding people who were riding electric scooters who have been hit by motor vehicles. This often happens when the person is riding in a protected bike lane, and the vehicle driver makes a turn. It seems that the drivers simply don’t see the person on the scooter. To make yourself more visible, we encourage you to act like most bike riders around town.  You should definitely wear a helmet.  Additionally, consider the following:

  • Wear a reflective vest;
  • Wear or attach blinking lights to the front and back of your scooter, clothing, or helmet;
  • Be extra cautious when approaching intersections;
  • Increase caution when the road is wet;
  • Wear protective clothing that will decrease “road rash” in the event of a fall;

Like bike and even motorcycle riders, the increased danger comes not from the activity itself, but from the inattention of folks driving trucks and cars.  We hope you stay safe out there.