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WA Supremes – No Minimum Wage for Jurors

By Ember Law  |  May 4, 2020

In an 8-1 decision April 9, the Supreme Court ruled that jury duty is not traditional employment and therefore not subject to the state’s Minimum Wage Act.  A copy of the opinion is online here. If you would like to see jurors paid more for their service, capped now at a paltry $10 per day, mention in to your State...

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits are “Business or Property” for Purposes of Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Claims

By Ember Law  |  December 4, 2019

Krista Peoples was injured in a car crash, and applied for PIP benefits through her auto insurer, USAA.  When USAA eventually denied her benefits, Peoples sued. She alleged that USAA violated Washington insurance regulations when it denied bills without an individualized assessment and when a computerized review process determined that the bills exceeded a predetermined limit. USAA moved to dismiss,...